Tom durrrr Dwan vs. Phil Hellmuth Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 2/2

Johnny Chan Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Ainsley Harriott says:

    “Hi I’m Tom”
    Wow this guy is more grounded than a fucking tree 

  2. TheBaioken says:

    Haha Phil is like the “best” winner ever, but also the worst loser, I know
    that so good, I mean yeah, we all been there.

  3. John Rothberg says:

    Can’t really speak out of experience never having actually met these people
    but it seems PH is very gracious when he wins. Tony G, take a lesson.
    Phil is a sore loser, sure, but all great players hate losing.

    Gotta love that celebration before the cards were flipped over.

  4. Jrezky says:

    I think Hellmuth deserved this, he played in a new way to his own to adapt
    to Dwan’s playstyle and it payed off. Not only that but he didn’t pull a
    Tony G at the end by gloating, probably because he knows how it feels and
    had a moment of empathy. Like other people have said though, he is kinda a
    bad winner.

  5. Duncan Macintyre says:

    love Dwan but its fair to say that Phil totally ran over him in this match

  6. Alexander Lee says:

    Now Phil’s complimenting Durrr because he just won, to make himself look
    better haha.

  7. Adam Ayala says:

    lol durrrr literally has played millions of hands in HUNL not counting any
    other format, i don’t think he’s having trouble playing phil hellmuth

  8. sven groot says:

    Hellmuth only says dwann is good bc hè owned HIM xd

  9. Stun Gun Stunna says:

    Phil is a really humble guy. Love phil everyone hates on phil when he
    explodes but its because some hands his opponents get so lucky on the
    river. He explodes because he is a professional poker player and luck is
    not a skill. 

  10. thechosenMOE says:

    Tom got outplayed

  11. rod russell says:

    Phil was on point .. Guess he realized high cards in poker is old school ,
    played those rags and was killing it …

  12. William Mendoza says:

    Sweet revenge Haha

  13. Kurtis Fraser says:

    What is the song that starts playing at 0:44 

  14. craig sweetman says:

    “Fuck me” shoes on the left.

  15. fundy023 says:

    That’s a horrible slow roll

  16. The Switch Bored says:

    Phil is all that is wrong with humanity. He literally makes me want to
    vomit. Watch the game from last year, he is abusive and rude to Tom when he
    lost, yet in this rematch when he won he became “pleasant” and gives all
    praise. Yuck.
    Grow up Phil. Seriously, my 4 year old niece is more mature then you.

  17. Gil Gosseyn says:

    lol what a skidmark…. you can tell a lot by a person by how they lose.
    Didn’t the last hand play out pretty much the same way when dwan knocked
    out phil in the last heads up tournamnet? Dwan had 10’s full of Q’s and
    phil had 10’s full of 5’s? almost the same hand, but when phil loses its
    because the other guy got lucky and sucked out, if he wins its all skill as
    if he’s expected to win

  18. adamo36532 says:

    holy shit hellmuth pwned dwan. Im not even joking. He was a little weird at
    the end but he played well. Why cant he play like this is cash games?

  19. Steven Zhou says:

    that shove on that first hand was so sick. very impressive play

  20. TonLars says:

    Phil is a nice winner, which is much easier to do. But he is a very poor
    loser. It is one thing to hate to lose, but if Phil had been beaten with
    95, it would have been another “Honey! Did you see that man call me with
    95? These internet players are terrible!”

  21. qqleq2 says:

    Loved how Phil played here, hate how he always sucks up to his opponent
    when he wins.

  22. clayvision says:

    Hey i just beat you in a poker match, you should meet my father

    i love phil hes such a dork xDD

  23. Pabs2333 says:

    Damn that chick in the purple top, with the great legs, is smoking hot!

  24. Kingsley Agassi says:

    suit pants with a t-shirt. that’s why phil was in the zone.

  25. caessarion says:

    oh.. so phils a gentlemen and gracious when he wins, but a fucking cunt
    when he loses. hmm, what does that make him, a Satanist?