Poker Superstars Interviews Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. HitemupWhoshotya says:

    @pikajojo2 10 bracelets, way better cash game player, yea, ppl always talk about hellmuth nagreaneau, ivey, but who has as many bracelets(10) and is as good of a cash game player as chan ? no one ?

  2. bailinnumberguy says:

    Great poker player, but maybe the ugliest shirt ever.

  3. WesterRmix says:

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  4. blebo55557 says:

    hes such a happy guy

  5. pikajojo2 says:

    He is way better than Hellmuth.

  6. stephenlandrum says:

    My biggest bad beat was when I had pocket kings and the other guy had pocket 2’s (this is HU) I flopped a king he misses flop, I bet flop he calls, he catches a 2 on the turn, I bet he goes allin and rivers another 2 for quads

  7. Ph4nToM890 says:

    i lol’d at “erybody”.

  8. jtilak says:

    @haloking6363 you mean ugliest shirts

  9. gamemeister27 says:

    And now Chan is tearing up the 2010 world series! Join Stu and Moss, Johnny!

  10. DonMillionOne says:

    @haloking6363 haha he always reminds me of the fresh prince of belair^^

  11. mourantell says:


    Hmmm… that would definitely be a runner runner, care to explain why you think otherwise?


    great brunsons, we should call him conman for that shit book he brought out, man he wasted my money with bs, no wonder poker gets a bad name


    chan would be much better than ivey …. but chan isnt hungy anymore doesn give the same focus and commitment if he were the same guy years ago and wanted to win he would beat anyone


    @ ilikemustard

    It would my friend.

    AK hearts vs. 67 hearts

    Flop: 8h,9h,10h
    Turn: Jh (runner)
    River: Qh (runner)

    And in a cash game, in most casinos, that is a jackpot hand. And the losing hand gets the bigger share of the jackpot. So not all bad 🙂

  15. Ilikemustard says:


    That wouldn’t be runner runner…

  16. foxysocks24 says:

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  17. nayoxz says:

    Johnny fucking Chan!

  18. DarkoDrmanac16 says:

    that interview sucked…but he plays

  19. haloking6363 says:

    he has the weirdest shirts

  20. gianga23 says:

    they’re amazing man but you can’t forget the Great Brunson man and other people too

  21. Arkimedes999 says:

    I think Phil Ivey is the best and Chan is #2.
    If Stu Ungar were still alive he’d be #1 of course.

    Although i think Ivey is the #1 poker player alive I think he gives B.S. advice cuz he doesn’t want to give away his game. I Can’t hold that against him.
    But that’s why I like listening to what Johnny Chan has to say.
    He tells it the way he sees it.
    He’s not selfish with the knowledge he has.

  22. MrCheckRaise1 says:

    i agree, i want that too!:D

  23. t43boss says:

    that shirt is legendary!

  24. MrCheckRaise1 says:


  25. 70ME3E says: