Playing poker with Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. dmed312 says:

    I hate those fuckin’ poker pro machines. Destroy them all!

  2. champions20000009 says:


  3. MikeLibman says:

    Thumbs up for Hotel California

  4. TruAzn100 says:

    @3354 i guess its something different once in a while to have fun with, but for the real tables you gotta get the real cards

  5. TuesdaysAreTaken says:

    With these table you can stare at your screen the whole time and not give away any tells, it’ll ask if you want to call the amount already and says when its on you. You only need the occasional glance at the Community Cards. It ruins the game of poker, if I wanted to play electronically I would play online. Oh wait, can’t even do that anymore.

  6. theman1819 says:

    @therealbennify yeah man thats fucking bs its just like playing on a computer, the casinos are just getting cheap and dont want to play dealers wtf

  7. therealbennify says:

    Wow hey guys I played on those electronic tables, this is real BS… Why would you play on those tables if u can play on real ones? Because you must be a real DONKEY !

  8. Deadganon says:

    I hate electronic tables…. if u want to play on a machine while playing poker then either play poker online or player on the pokerview online (which is with webcams) But going to a actual casino and playing on a video screen at a table full of real ppl is just plain stupid…..This is not poker anymore, this is the digital age and i hate it!

  9. vaneakatok says:

    can’t imagine poker is gonna become someday smth like that, people either multi table, or just play a single table online at home , or play at casinos or in clubs with real cards, real chips, and real dealers. this kind of invention only will cut off the expensses of the casinos

  10. mike978508 says:

    no floor guy or supervision of table? dunno bout this electro stuff

  11. W4rku5 says:

    what a bullshit, gimme real cards, this is crap. unless you play online

  12. W4rku5 says:

    what a bullshit, gimme real cards, this is crap

  13. svitoscky says:

    hahahahahahahahaha electronic table hahahahahahahaah is idiot player!!

  14. xAfricana says:

    @3354 SO TRUE
    I’ve never played it at an electronic table, but just seeing this video makes me feel awkward.

  15. majesticrecords says:

    ever heard of a hacker??

  16. soulfoodmarketing says:


  17. soulfoodmarketing says:


  18. alltoastnojelly says:

    In a lot of places the draw is, you can smoke at these tables, but not in the poker room.

  19. minwild30 says:

    What was the buyin for this tournament?

  20. pokandy says:

    everyone needs to chill on these comments

  21. madridisinSpain says:

    @tekhn Have you tried online poker?

  22. F3elings says:

    Good table? Are you kiddinge me? This is absolutely fckn shit I will never play on this shit.

  23. OrientWi says:


    look at that girl in the background

  24. voicingthamindreader says:

    cool pokertable lol! but that would be just for fun with friends or for a laugh and socialize. i love the real chips & real cards too much.

  25. hkgoldendotcom says:

    useless shit machine. Whoever makes that piece of shit is going bankrupt, and I bet my dick for that

  26. Poker Blog says:

    What a poker genius!