Paul Wasicka, a player of strength in poker

Paul Wasicka is born on 17th February 1981 in Dallas, Texas. His age now is 33 years old. His nickname is ‘Kwickfish’. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a professional and successful poker player. He was runner-up for the 2007 world championship and even National Head-Up poker championship. He has been the best poker player among all. What makes him different is the game observation and use of different tricks to manage the game. He is a well-known player due to his strategies and way of making opponent do fail. At that time, he won the $6,000,000.

Wasicka never won at least one bracelet in the ‘World Series of Poker’, but he played sixteen  money finishes. He played one final table and had six money finishes in world poker tour. Wasicka’s won the final tournament with the difference of 2-0 in the final, including poker players J. C. Tran and Eric Hershey, he finished in the 4th WPT event alone. Wasicka was not able to make the final table at the Aussie main event of the year 2007, at that time he gained 12th place and earned a $120,000 ($95,434). His playing style makes a difference from the other players.

He has many awards related to primary series and contribution to the game of poker. His game has appreciated by all the professional of poker game. That His sixteen cashed at the world series of player account for $6,192,711 winning. Paul Wasicka is the owner of the Preserve Acquisition Group, and he has also experienced in Preserve Acquisition Group and he has the interest in health wellness and fitness. He is a dynamic personality man because of their poker game. He has played many games which are online poker, or online card games. Many fans of his love, his views and experience. He is the player who played for his men and country in a poker game.

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