National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 3 2/4

Johnny Chan Video clip Score: 5 / five

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  1. kenshin2468 says:

    @BoobiesHooray holla on that one.

  2. apaccione says:

    @BENSKI1183 LOL! “I think I have to call”…with bottom pair horrible
    kicker. He is so bad. Worst call ever.

  3. oshitomaha says:

    I would like to see u win with those hands he had. I’m not defending him
    but the had no hands at all compared to his opponent.

  4. BigDrew11189 says:

    wow howard played horribly he just thought erik was always bluffing lol

  5. Exhumed Cadaver says:

    if you woulda been payin attention youd know eastgate beat the favoured

  6. ytertyu says:

    @XxomfgnubxX internet about free speech , u cocksucker .. what about u ?? u
    have a million $s ? u have a bracelet ? NO ?? then blow me

  7. ElijahZachary says:


  8. Zibinjs says:

    I’m 33,333 who watched this vid. 😀 Did I win something?

  9. kungfuseadog says:

    10:22 is a cute pic of harman

  10. violinnickt says:

    2:50 Elezra’s all in was so bad decision that it’s almost funny xD

  11. Yamakashi1 says:


  12. kalenchuk003 says:

    Jamie Gold kicks ASS!!!!!!!!!!

  13. thecactuus says:

    F*ck I hate americans ”he has JK courtesy of the go daddy pocket cam” – I
    mean wtf?! and then showing replays of the cards being dealt 😀 LMFAO

  14. jslovers says:

    Clonie has a pair of beautiful legs… ^^

  15. dzigimk says:

    U want to blow him?

  16. Ivan Pervij says:

    Sam Farha is the best!

  17. mike978508 says:

    scott got big

  18. AnimeIntroStyles3 says:

    Is this the whole footage? What the hell. They never showed a second of
    Bloch vs. Eastgate! Including how the match concluded!

  19. Ramboost007 says:

    Well, compared to the dry european commentators ali and craig seem like
    norman and lon. And the main reason why nobody gave a shit about poker
    before the boom is that the commentators were doing it live and noone had a
    clear look at the players’ cards. credit to the 2003 wsop coverage team for
    the change of poker at the perspective of the spectator.

  20. Erik Sten says:

    howard = donk ..

  21. Anthony Yoo says:

    wow scott fischman became a fatass.

  22. Ben Ferri says:

    howard is so awful. how do they call this guy the professor? 3 awful calls
    in his match

  23. swingdocta says:

    haha fishman turned into a fat fuck

  24. bulrogexe says:

    fischman gained a second chin lol

  25. TinkyDoy says:

    Loved his reply to Eric’s cockiness at the end.