National Heads Up Poker Championship 2009 Episode 12 1/5 (Finals)

Johnny Chan Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. ANSIcode says:

    She has a full house every SECOND hand!!!

  2. SKMeridian says:

    @estimisav u r right

  3. Eric Jankowski says:

    is phil helmuth sitting in the front row there?

  4. CosmicSPC says:

    commentators look like profi queers

  5. SuNyOms says:

    any clue whats the song at the end of this vid in the backround ??

  6. Rodario10 says:

    I wish i could play heads up in my Bed with Vanessa ;-D

  7. Game0verFool says:

    he is the real life version of the hillbilly out of the simpsons

  8. stan007stan says:

    Yeah they look so gay

  9. james harty says:

    lmfaooo me too bro… me too

  10. MandrikSG says:

    5:43 The Ataris “Angry Nerd Rock.” Wow, can’t believe they would put that
    song on the Heads Up tourney. Go Ataris!

  11. spriggo786 says:

    does anyone think that huck seed looks like shaggy from scooby doo??

  12. frostyfrostyfrosty says:


  13. foolsbetrippin says:

    your a spaz

  14. dieselboy87 says:

    @m4rkyboy ridiculous isnt it. whats wrong with saying “most successful” or
    something similar? americans can be so irritating sometimes.

  15. Francis Burns says:

    Winningest is a word, fools. I also hate Rousso. She’s got a smug,
    patronising attitude that makes me want to axe her face into a pulp. I hope
    somebody beats her then laughs in her face, she doesn’t deserve to be
    there. Never the less, winningest is still a word.

  16. GreyGhostly says:

    Who is the GO Daddy Big boob girl…ugly face but Wowzers on the boobs

  17. irbenson says:


  18. zeropercento says:

    Vanessa play like an amateur player…

  19. Julio Bustos says:

    @julesickdrums lmao sorry for my completely drunk english.

  20. spriggo786 says:

    id like to smash rousso’s box. if you know what i mean…

  21. Julio Bustos says:

    ted forrest, chris ferguson, pauk wasicka and huck seed are the best heads
    up players, ever. Ted forrest has a more balanced game, Chris ferguson is
    the moresolid, Wasicka is the better at reading and being deceptive, but
    Huck Seed is just plain sick, dude’s a cyborg or som at heads up, he just
    keeps pounding and hammering the pre-flops if he smells weakness, what you
    have to understand is that he does this because he’s playing the toughest,
    his strategy won’t work against a lower game.

  22. TheGentenaar says:

    Yes. 🙂

  23. IfhBiff says:

    and why do they consistently talk about how many great players she played?
    Huck played vs the great players too! Everyone here deserved to be
    here–even the freeroll winner dude. BLECH!

  24. Karaiskakis15 says:

    yup he was sitting b4 there with the sam vs seed match there

  25. Bass Box says:

    well i cant find winningest iin my english dictionary