Monster Laydown from Johnny Chan !

Johnny Chan Video clip Rating: four / 5

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  1. dummybummyful says:

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  2. THERollyboy123 says:

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  3. iFinnaRobYouu says:

    In order of greatness: 1. Checking Turn 2. Folding River 3. Checking Flop

  4. cloudstrife1288 says:

    @eckataa A terrible player plays it like Chan did.
    A bad player plays it like you would.
    A good player leads out on the flop because you can get value from pretty much all pocket pairs
    An amazing player plays it like Chan did

  5. katram11 says:

    The worst thing is that Doyle fold… with J 3 !!!!! he would be done from the table if the cowboy had just call!!!

  6. Alv0luzionTV says:

    Johnny Chan maybe thinks that Seed has a Jack, not a 6.

  7. RRindustry says:

    he made it look like a no brainer… so sick

  8. 9ontheriver says:

    It took almost one second to fold Aces. Indeed, this is highest level of poker…he didn’t even brag about folding aces and just move onto next hand. I believe if you came with nothing like a refugee, it gave you a strong backbone of surviving skills. because you are always underdog and people treat you like shid so you learned how to survive among mofos.

  9. adrianmrmonk says:

    Johnny motherfuckin’ Chan!

  10. kinglouiereina says:


  11. bestpokercoach says:

    ol monster´╗┐ laydown lol how can u be good their

  12. LakerGold24 says:

    ‘Johnny Chan The Master’

  13. flip92 says:

    seed gave it away at 0:56

    takes extra long when the 3 hit…. pros pick up on these things

  14. RentIsToDamnHigh says:

    Without even reading any of the comments, I already know 95% of them were created by complete poker morons and will probably make worse at poker if I read them. Amazing hand with 3 amazing players. LOL @ Huck Seeds face when he flops a set 0_O

  15. WaspSnG says:

    @bestpokercoach Responds like this are funny. ­čÖé

  16. bestpokercoach says:

    It was because of the jacks

  17. speebyda says:

    @kingofcupcakes I agree, but we are all experts when we see the hole cards though, I know I am.

  18. vancampiakopo says:

    I watch this everyday at least once to see Mr. Chan’s epicness

  19. garrulusman says:

    Seed should have bet on the flop or in the turn to make less obvious that he had made a full house.

  20. MagnetiX says:

    @bailinnumberguy I can’t wait to start playin poker for braces. My teeth sure could use em

  21. truthspeaks01 says:


    do you play deep stack poker??? don’t go broke with a pocket pair. that wasn’t a monster hand. it’s a good laydown at best…

  22. Cdub2k says:

    I can understand checking the flop and turn but how the hell does Johhny not call the river?

    Great play. I wouldve paid him off on the river

  23. Frienever says:

    AA can’t beat Full House, Chan made the right choice here, sometime you got to lay down AA from your hand.
    1 pair can’t even beat 2 pairs, how the heck will it beat Full House?

  24. fliptthescript says:

    you guys are morons its not him looking at chan that gave it away. he glanced at his chips for a second. Thats the tell not looking at an opponent haha.

  25. Kapser1 says:

    He looked at Johnny while checking, that might have have him suspicious. Chan did not even bet any street to make sure of that, he did not put any more money into the pot. Impressive is how quick he folded that hand.