Johnny Chan

Johnny Chan is a Chinese American poker player who was born in Guangzhou in China in the year 1957. He initially moved from his birthplace to Hong Kong along with his entire family. He then moved on to Phoenix in Arizona and then finally to Texas where he started a chain of family owned restaurants. Johnny Chan initially started out on continuing the family business, but on reaching the age of 21, he dropped out from his hotel management course from the University of Houston and turned in to a professional gambler. His starting phase in the gambling industry was outstanding. He won two back to back tournaments for the World Series of Poker in the years 1987 and 1988. His wining spree could have continued further only if he was not defeated by a slight margin by Phil Hellmuth. He was one of the last players to have managed to win the World Series of Poker twice in a row and that too, back to back. His game play has been so fascinating that it was also featured in the movie Rounder’s.

Johnny Chan has an orange which stays by his side during all his important matches and is known to give him luck. Seeing that his fruit luck actually works, other players also started getting fruits to the table. However, the reason given by Chan himself was that he never liked the smoking atmosphere and got relief from it by the pleasant and soothing smell of the orange.

Johnny Chan has been a classic player and by 2005 he made it to the Poker hall of fame for being the only player who has had 10 World Series of Poker titles to his name. Johnny Chan cashed into the main event for the first time in the year 2008. He ended up with a total of 32 thousand dollars after placing 329th in position. He continued his cashing in the main event of 2010 as well and ended up with a sum of 57 thousand dollars and was placed 156th.

Johnny Chan had even showed a remarkable and splendid performance in the Poker Stars International Tournament. Although his debut was not that impressive and he ended up with a total of 20 thousand dollars out of the 3 million he started with, he continued to fight it out again in the 2nd season