Johnny Chan vs. Eric Seidel 1988 WSOP Finale

Johnny Chan Video clip Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. GuiTiouz says:

    This scene’s on the movie Rounders, one of the best poker movies ever, watch it

  2. Bucketheadhead says:

    @elkwyre those plastic coins can be swapped at the cashier for a lot of very real coins

  3. elkwyre says:

    the Chinese guy beat the weird white dude and won a lot of plastic coins.

  4. dieselboy87 says:

    @ehlu15 bit of both

  5. bibbbydybabbbydyboo says:


    J9 for a split.
    QQ, TT, 88, 77, QT, Q8, Q7 ftw.

  6. coolbluezzzz says:

    no need to go all in there

  7. Whabbadabba says:


  8. HSimon1981 says:

    I meant to say a Jack and a nine for a chop.

  9. HSimon1981 says:

    and Seidel was drawing dead on the flop, his only hope was a Jack and a seven I think it is for a chopped pot.

  10. patvdv73 says:

    actually its over 16 million and counting ! 🙂

  11. flip92 says:

    Poor seidel? Seidel is the all time tournament money winner. 15 000 000 and counting!

  12. skady16 says:

    Thumbs up if you are here becouse Seiborg

  13. FreeBeDrug says:

    So what the deal, Rounders?
    Wont you excuse me while i feel my NUTS,
    My balls are feeling a mighty big now,
    i might just have to dig down,
    and pull’em through my britches.

  14. ehlu15 says:

    seidel is one tall fucker. that or chan is short

  15. rcomid says:

    johnny’s English was better in 1988 lol

  16. lmaoslashlol says:

    Yeah yeah Seidel what a loser. Did anyone mention he’s picked up over $5 mil in 2011? Didn’t think so.

  17. PlayClaner says:

    lol that guy Eric is such a microsoft whitetrash. And wearing that hat like he’s on vacation with his fat fastfoodmom on a museum. It’s epic how he gets rickrolld by that chingchong too.

  18. MilanStojanovic9 says:


  19. artysmokes says:

    @888edward888 I think Seidel was trying to make it look like HE was bluffing. If he’d only bet 30,000, it would look exactly like he had a pair of queens and was betting for value, and Chan wouldn’t have called with a marginal hand. Seidel was trapped because Chan obviously had the nuts, but if Chan had Ace high, he might have called the all in, thinking Seidel had missed a straight with king high or something.

  20. shtefannel says:

    freakin old school.breathtaking play from chan 🙂

  21. YouCanCallMeAl1022 says:

    @eddycadub good point–chan was the one in position. Well in that case chan knew that he could call it the whole way given that seidel would raise it the whole way.

  22. eddycadub says:

    @YouCanCallMeAl1022 what u said doesnt really make sense cos chan was in poisition, seidel check raised him on the flop, and he flats, then they both check the turn, and seidel shoves the river for value. no doubt chan played his hand well.

  23. YouCanCallMeAl1022 says:

    @eddycadub well he knew he’d win the hand, but he knew well enough to check it down to the river and not raise him out of position. There wasn’t even a check raise on this hand!

  24. eddycadub says:

    @YouCanCallMeAl1022 easy to do that wen u have the nuts bro

  25. wangtangkiki says:

    Big Bird