Chan At WSOP 2016

Those who are world poker fans usually look forward to the largest running world event, World Series of Poker and find themselves with a heavy heart bidding adieu to the event when it ends.

That is how it was for the 2016 tournament that had its memorable moments as well.

Among the names that were part of this world level tournament was Johnny Chan, who was found to be back in the run after having gained champion status for the wines he obtained in 1987 and 88 subsequently. This was probably the best latest run he had in the November 2016 tournament. He has a history of having won the WSOP bracelet ten times. Being 59 years of age, he finished at the 180th place. His fans had their eyes on him and he did draw a fair amount of attention from the media as well. This was especially on Day Five when he was almost on the run for attaining the world title for the third time. However, it seemed that he ran into bad luck and lost out on that run.

Anyway, no matter what he attains now, his past glory still creates a halo above his head. He was the last player to have attained consecutive titles in WSOP Main Events back to back. Chan has many avid celebrity fans such as Jerry Buss, who owns the Los Angeles Lakers. He even promised an NBA championship ring to Chan if he was able to rein a third title in a row. That was not achieved, however but he won several bracelets in subsequent events. It is no wonder that Chan was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in the year 2002. Last year the events where Chan played were major attractions for the fans that showed up to support their favorite poker player.

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