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Ivey Loses Court Battle Over £7.7m Winnings

The hearing of poker player Phil Ivey case is over now and he has lost his bid to recover £7.7m ($10.2m) amount of winnings from a casino in London. The Ivey is now 40-years old and has been fighting the case in different courts to recover the sum after he successfully played a version of […]

Olivier Busquet a 2nd place player in the EPT poker game

Olivier Busquet was born on 22 Aug 1981 in America. Olivier Busquet is a professional player of poker. Olivier Busquet cashed 11 times in WSOP poker tournaments. He won one title in WPT tournament. Olivier Busquet finished at the final table of WPT tournament only one time. He cashed 3 times in World poker tournaments. […]

Paul Wasicka, a player of strength in poker

Paul Wasicka is born on 17th February 1981 in Dallas, Texas. His age now is 33 years old. His nickname is ‘Kwickfish’. He lives in Denver, Colorado. He is a professional and successful poker player. He was runner-up for the 2007 world championship and even National Head-Up poker championship. He has been the best poker […]

Italy’s Dario Alioto Lacks the Lengthy Experience but he cannot be underestimated

Globally, poker has grown and expanded, the industry is rated as a multi-trillion, and this is why winning players leave nothing to chance and triumph to get a substantial share of the spoils. Dario Alioto is only at his fledgling stages in the game, but has risen to prominence. Among the few professionals at the […]

Gabe Kaplan-Poker Professional having multi faceted jobs

When you do consider the games playable across the world, you have numbers of games to be considered. Thinking of a game to play, then you will never forget the game of Poker, as Poker game is much familiar from its inception; also you can get the game’s tricks in an easier manner, whereby it’s […]

Eli Elezra

Eliahu Ilan Elezra is a professional poker player. He is from Israel. In the late 1990s he became very worthy person. This period denoted his move from being a $10 amusement player at the Stardust clubhouse to going up against expert players at the Big Game in Bobby’s room at the Bellagio. Eli Elezra also […]