An expert’s report on the EPT Grand Final

In just two weeks The European Poker Tour Grand Final will be on its way and the season will once again come to an end at the Monte-Carlo Casino, Monaco.

A total of 78 events will be packed in to a busy schedule and the Super High Roller of 100, 000 Euros slotted for the start, is sure to get the attention of the best of the poker professionals once again.
The €100,000 Super High Roller last year offered top level of poker much to the delight of fans. And the final table with EPT Live stream featured many interesting and inspired hands and play. The reporter also relished the opportunity play with the best of the world; particularly there was enough cash on the line to inspire players to give their best efforts.
The expert was particularly impressed by Dan Cates last spring, a player given the highest respects in the circuit and possessed with the reputation of winning high stake tournament and much touted heads-ups.  He was also happy to see Cates create so many p lays that he would have liked to make. This was not because he is an expert but playing so much poker also offers the opportunity to exercise strong basics of the game.

According to the reporter the fun you get from watching EPA live streams is seeing moves that he would have never imagined to create, only part of it.  And the other part is to watch top notch players showing off some of the hard fundamentals. He also thinks that following these strong basic plans, a poker player would be making the same plays that a world- class pro would be making in such situation. As a poker follower you can check out the Thinking Poker podcast for Nate and Andrew Brokos.

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