888poker Introduces Freeroll

Every platform for poker is vital, especially for promotions.

888poker recently ran a free roll of $888 for the followers on Twitter as well as a free roll of $1000 for the fans on Facebook. All prominent poker rooms online uses different strategies for promotions and social media platforms are an important aspect of the same. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are some of the channels that most websites use and 888poker are no different.

Social media is usually the right platform to engage with customers as well as to push across promotions of different kinds. Hence, using social media is an integral part of any kind of promotion that a poker site would have in mind. Social media promotions often become a dedicated agenda for the poker rooms. The managers who are committed to managing these channels definitely have grueling work cut out for them. That is because it is not easy to promote events and to push for likes and follows for the events of the poker rooms.

One of the best ways to increase awareness is to introduce a prize with the promotional event. That is the strategy that 888poker has taken up. The freerolls come with attractive prizes which is sure to get good response from old and new players. The free rolls not only come with a cash prize but also offer free entry into a poker tournament. For instance, at 7.20 pm on October 31st there would be a free tournament hosted by 888poker. They have asked for interested participants to key in a certain message and send the same through Twitter. That would help one to register for the free tournament. Registration would stay open till six hours before the tournament is due to start. With the promotions already started, it is sure to draw an inadequate crowd for the tournament.

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